white after labor day is ok

With Labor Day fast approaching, many of you may be wondering if it is appropriate to wear your white pants or white shoes after labor day. The answer is YES! Times have changed, and anyone that criticizes you about your white heels is not in the know. Feel free to tell them so, nicely. If you live in a climate that stays consistently warm well through September, as Denver is, feel free to wear your Summer clothing, white shoes included, until it feels like Fall has finally arrived. You be the judge. I personally am tired of my Summer wardrobe at this time and would prefer to be wearing jeans, sweaters, tights and boots. Soon enough, I guess.

Tina’s Tip: White pants are wearable year-round if they are the right fabric and color. For cooler months, opt for a heavier weight pant in an off-white tone instead of a crisp, stark white. Many designers are making fully lined three-season wool pants that can take you from Fall through Spring. Just remember to not eat spaghetti or drink coffee while driving in them- that is just an accident waiting to happen.

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