judging inner beauty

tina gill, stylist to the everyday star
Local image consultant, Tina Gill of worthwhile style, has been chosen as one of the judges representing the Denver community for the Miss Teen Denver Pageant. The host company of the event, Nationals Incorporated, brings their unique program, defined as “Pageantry With Purpose,” to Colorado for a two-day event occurring on August 29 and 30.

“I am honored to take part in this amazing event for young ladies focusing on positive self esteem,” said Gill. “I have long embraced creating a supportive environment for everyone I work with and helping them see the true beauty they possess. I pride myself in encouraging women to be themselves and love who they are right now in their lives.”

Nationals Incorporated works with young ladies ages seven through nineteen, producing a program that focuses on self confidence and self esteem building. Since 1995, their program, on the same format as a pageant, does not include a talent or swimsuit competition, nor do they impose any height or weight requirements. Contestants undergo nearly five weeks of training on interview skills and stage presence.

Judges will hold personal interviews with each contestant at Embassy Suites (4444 N.Havana St., Denver) on Saturday, August 29. The actual pageant, including casual and formal wear, will be held at Teikyo Events Center at Colorado Heights University (3001 S. Federal Blvd., Denver) on Sunday, August 30. For more information, visit www.nationalsincorporated.com

Tina Gill, stylist to the everyday star, is the president and founder of worthwhile style and currently provides personal and professional image consulting services for the Denver metro area. Armed with her degree in psychology, her extensive background in customer service, and her love for shopping, Gill shines at helping individuals to look and feel their best. With her contagious laugh and outgoing personality, Gill’s specialty is empowering individuals to be comfortable with whom they are right now in their lives. For more information, visit www.worthwhilestyle.com.

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  1. Sarah Ward says:

    Love your look! It’s great to see an image consultant not afraid to work her inner rockstar!


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