Don’t Call it a Comeback | Tips from a Denver Stylist


Over a decade ago, I was visiting my younger brother in New York. It was my first time visiting Manhattan and he took me walking around SoHo – knowing that I would be in fashion boutique heaven. We walked into the Betsey Johnson store – this was before she had opened other locations so it was a big deal for me. As a child of the 70′s and a teen of the 80′s, Betsey Johnson was truly an icon. As I was choosing a few pieces to try on – Ms. Johnson herself came barreling through the front door! The entire room lit up with her presence and she came over and looked at what I had chosen. I have no idea what the conversation was even about – I was too busy thinking “Holy Shit Betsey Johnson is talking to me” to actually concentrate on anything else.

Since her empire hit rock bottom I have been rooting for her to come back stronger than ever. I love her style and ability to make fashion all about fun and experimentation and breaking the rules. She has a new show on the Style Network with her daughter LuLu (who is also launching her own clothing line) as she begins a new chapter and partnership with the Steve Madden brand. It’s so fun to get a sneak peak into her eccentric life style and just how down to earth she has always remained.

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