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I recently had a J. Hilburn client that wants a pair of shoes to go with jeans and with dress pants. He lives in Breckenridge CO and part time in Arizona so he needs a great shoe that isn’t super dressy but can still be worn with dress pants.

Here’s a few suggestions I sent him:
A wing tip is classic and will never go out of style. These are great for both dress and dark denim and can be found at Nordstrom.

Cole Haan - Nordstrom

Cole Haan
‘Colton Winter’ Wingtip
image –

Here’s a nice clean oxford from Cole Haan that are great for guys wanting a nice dress shoe without any flair.

Cole Haan - mens shoes

Cole Haan
Martin Plain Oxford
image –

and these are to die for…not sure you need or want (or are ready for!) a blue shoe…but I love them. Gorgeous color and style and can be worn with jeans, colored denim, cords, khakis, and grey dress pants. Yes please! If a blue shoe is too much to start, try an English tan. Check out the Camello-chambray color.

Cole Haan Blue wingtip

Cole Haan
Colton Winter Wing Oxford
Blazer Blue Miled
image –

I love a good boot for Fall and Winter. This one has a bit of a shine to it so it would go with jeans and dress pants. It’s a bit on the more casual side because of the sole, but paired with a great pair of khakis or cords and dark denim, you could definitely dress them up.

Nordstrom Chukka Boot

Cole Haan
“Glenn” Chukka Boot
image –

Another option for a boot (by Johnston & Murphy) that is a little dressier but will still look great with dark denim jeans.

Men's boot- Chukka

Johnston & Murphy
Decatur Chukka

You can see they are all similar in style and taste. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I chose brown for most everything because it pops more with denim than black and makes it a little more casual to wear with jeans. I also suggest going with a rounded toe (classic style that works on every guy) vs. a square toe (it will shorten the leg and can feel dated).

Brand /stores to check out (you may pay a bit more for shoes at these places but they will last a lot longer!):
Cole Haan
Allen Edmonds
Johnston and Murphy

secret of a stylist: I LOVE LOVE LOVE a man wearing a great pair of shoes. In fact, when I was dating in college, the first thing I would look at was his hands (hands can tell a lot about a person) and the second was his shoes. The shoes make the outfit…don’t overlook this important detail!

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